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Boston’s BitchN’ Bread Pudding Company started in Michelle Atkins’ Kitchen in Swampscott, Massachusetts in winter 2014 when she tried bread pudding for the first time at a tiny little Italian restaurant in Swampscott. She had heard about bread pudding from her mother, who told her that bread pudding was something her family had for dessert when money was tight.  She claimed that it wasn’t very good, and not to even bother trying it. Not questioning her mother, who was an amazing cook, she never did.

Many years later, Michelle heard people talking more often about bread pudding.  Friends raved about this yummy dessert that they had tried at various high end restaurants in Boston.  How could it be bread pudding?  How could it be that boring, not very tasty dessert her mother told her about?  Michelle had to try it. 

The concept of day-old bread, cream, sugar and butter baked in the oven didn’t seem unappealing at all to Michelle once she gave it some thought.  I wonder if I add some of this and a little of that — what could be bad?  A delicious combination of delicious ingredients.  Michelle was determined to prepare the most amazing version of this century old dessert and present it to her friends and family, and maybe even her mother. 

She began combining various recipes she found on line, taste testing various versions, then incorporated her own creative thoughts and ingredients, until Boston’s BitchN’ Bread Pudding was born.

Boston’s BitchN’ Bread pudding, not your grandmother’s (or even your mother’s bread pudding), but Michelle’s gourmet version, comes in 10 decadent  flavors.  All ingredients come from local grocers and are all produced in Massachusetts.  These single serving delicious little masterpieces are mouthwatering and probably one of the most delicious bakery products you will ever eat.  If you don’t see a flavor you like on our list, tell us what flavor you would like.  Within reason, we will give it a shot!  Just send us an email or fill out our order form, and we will have a representative give you a call back, within 24 hours, to discuss your next order of Boston’s BitchN’ Bread Pudding.

Guess what?  Mom loves it and can’t get enough!  


BOSTON’S BitchN’ BREAD PUDDING, nothing like your mothers..

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